Are You Ready to Live Without Constant Stress & Anxiety?

Join us and take the first step towards your Core Self Transformation

Do you Really Know Who You Are?

Discovering your core self may be the most meaningful endeavor you ever undertake in your life.

In this course, you will discover the layers that hide your authentic, core self. When you connect with the real you, you will experience a state of presence, inner aliveness, clarity, and connection — resulting in a less stressful, less anxious, and more fulfilled life.

Use the exact techniques of the world’s top therapists to begin your journey toward happiness and positive momentum. 

Action-Oriented Benefits

Train the emotional skills that will define the quality of your life forever.

  • Support a grounded sense of self

  • Increase your mental clarity

  • Become the author of your own life

  • Build deeper and longer-lasting relationships

  • Enhance your health & live a more fulfilling life

  • Develop a more constant sense of confidence, resilience & wellbeing

Knowing Who You Are is Priceless

For only $297 you will unlock...

An introduction to Dr. Margie Gayle, and Integrative Body Psychotherapy’s (IBP’s) life-transforming body, mind, and spirit work.

Her favorite breathing exercises to use in everyday life to combat depression and anxiety.

IBP’s parenting messages and calming mantras to boost your sense of self.

Our seven-minute parenting audio meditation.

Journaling techniques that show you exactly how to access your core self.

IBP’s Primary Scenario Chart & Guide and a follow-up webinar with Dr. Margie Gayle to coach you through the Primary Scenario process (the Primary Scenario uncovers the first “movie” of your life — your emotional blueprint).

A daily routine guide to developing and maintaining the skills learned throughout this course.

The Inner Odyssey: A Journey Into the Self 45-minute meditation audio.

The Core Self Transformation

Module 1: What is the Core Self?

  • Wake up to your core self as an energetic flow in your body;
  • Identify your emotional patterns and themes; 
  • Interrupt the patterns that no longer serve you;
  • Contain your upset;
  • Calm & Soothe with tried and true emotional health tools;
  • Repair.  Use IBP steps to learn and grow from your discomfort.
  • Return to your core self and wellbeing.

Module 2: Finding Your Core Self

  • Know who you really are and free yourself from old, worn-out emotional patterns.
  • Discover the layers that cover your core self and how to recognize when you are living in one of them.
  • Layer 1: The Primary Scenario:  The First Movie of Your life and the Blueprint of Your Inner World
  • Abandonment & Inundation Anxieties - We all experience them to certain degrees. 
  • Layer 2: Character Style: Coping Strategies Created to Tolerate Abandonment & Inundation Anxieties 
  • Layer 3: Agency: The Cover of Self Abandonment, Hiding Your True Volition 
  • Layer 4: The Basic Fault:  The Unconscious Childhood Lie You Believe About Yourself  

Module 2

Module 3: The Core Self Transformation

  • Choose to live in your authentic core self, not in the layers of old injuries.
  • Discover an expanded way of being.
  • Become the author of your own life and listen to your internal wisdom.
  • Learn a life practice, a new, energetic way of being.

When you look outside yourself to find who you are, you miss the opportunity to build self-trust and inner knowing at your core.

Dr. Beverly Morse

Executive Director
Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

Only by awakening your experience of core self can you tolerate experiences of high intensity, act with true volition, and claim your life as your own.

Emotional states are transient and temporary.

You've probably noticed that one moment you can be happy and energized and the next moment you can drop into a funk. Or vice versa. 

This is your early emotional machine in charge. 

Instead of staying stuck in that same loop, you can:

  • Understand your inner world. 
  • Learn how to interrupt old body-mind patterns that no longer work for you. 
  • Build new emotional muscle that will serve you for the rest of your life.

[DOWNLOAD] Two Breathing Exercises to Immediately Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Use these two free exercises to fight back against stress and anxiety and find a lasting sense of calm.

The Core Self Transformation

Every time I’m able to help someone see the truth about who they are, past their limiting sense of themselves, I fall in love with my work all over again.

Dr. Margie Gayle

What People Are Saying...

Truly life-changing...

"This course is truly life-changing. I've tried medication, therapy, self-help books... everything. This course helps you understand who you are. I'm so grateful to have found it. I will be using these lessons for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Gayle!"

Learning to nurture and feed my soul...

“I am learning how to let go of negative messages and patterns of thought that have plagued my life – keeping me a victim. I am learning to nurture and feed my soul by tuning into what takes care of me rather than engaging in repetitive self-harming and addictive behaviors.”

I really learned so much...

“I really learned so much in just such a short time viewing the course. It is a powerful tool that I would like to apply more to my life. Your gentle approach was inspiring as well and there are many deeper truths that are uncovered for us to explore. Thank you so much Dr. Gayle.”